Meet Willie

Random non-food post for you today. Wanted to share some photos of our beloved 3rd child in the house, Willie. We rescued this cute little guy a little over a year ago. Someone dropped him off in the middle of the night at one of our Veterinarian’s houses that lived out in the country. Once the Vet discovered him, he brought him in a nursed him back to good health. We had just lost our last dog of old age, so the Vet called us up and asked if we were interested in a puppy. They estimated Willie was about 6 months old at the time.

We went and fell in love with him immediately. He has been awesome, even with some of the usual inconvenient traits puppies have. But he is slowly growing out of them.

IMG_1511 IMG_1529

Willie today. He is best as my walking vacuum cleaner in the kitchen as I spill food on the floor while cooking. Well, the counter too as he has learned how to stretch his body impossibly long so he can reach. Learned the hard way not too leave food on the edge of the counters!

IMG_0775 IMG_0779

He has been incredible with the boys, especially the youngest, who unfortunately I do not have a good pic of them together. This is him with the oldest. Both boys for some reason have an affinity for getting in Willie’s crate. Then of course when they do, Willie has to crawl in with them.


This was him the day we picked him up for the first time. The Vet had shaved him as he was completely matted and disheveled. Love the little baby toes in the background. We picked up Willie just a few months after bringing our youngest home from the hospital for the first time.


Enjoying the Texas sun.

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