Basil Lime Shrimp

Another easy, very few ingredients recipe that is well worth it. The flavors of this dish come together incredibly, and can be accompanied with any number of side dishes. If you like shrimp, you will love this recipe.

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And so truth in lending here, as I will always be completely honest with you on any recipes I post. To me, the recipe as printed below was perfect as is. To my wife on the other hand, she thought it was a touch to sweet, and asked the me to cut down the honey to one tsp the next time I make it. I will, and see how it is. The odd thing here is, my wife has the biggest sweet tooth I have ever come across, by far. And me personally, I am not a sweets guy. I am pretty sure it is not a full moon out tonight, but I could be wrong.

Another note is, I did not prepare mine on a grill as the recipe calls for, but however used a grill pan on the stove. Turned out great, and I am sure would be awesome on a grill as well.  

Basil-Lime Shrimp


½ cup basil leaves

Juice of 1 lime

½ cup olive oil

2 tsp honey

1 small garlic clove

1 pound peeled, deveined shrimp


In a blender, process the first 5 ingredients until smooth. Add the shrimp and marinade in a large resealable bag, mixing until the shrimp is evenly coated.

Marinate the shrimp for at least 30 minutes, add to skewers, and grill over medium low heat until pink and cooked through, approximately 2 minutes per side.  

Recipe from  Consumption Curiosity

2 thoughts on “Basil Lime Shrimp

    • Great idea on the chicken. Hadn’t thought of that but it makes perfect sense. Will definitely try it. And I am with you on the grilling, as I live in TX and summer time grilling in the heat of the day is reserved for very special occasions, and that is about it. Hence the stove adaptation.


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